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Mobile Housing Authority's ("MHA") Affordable Housing Program currently consists of over 2,000+ units of conventional public housing located in 12 family and senior developments. Unit sizes range from 1–3 bedrooms, although not all sizes are available at all sites. 

Currently, the following sites are accepting applications:


Basic Affordable Housing Eligibility Criteria

In order to live in MHA's housing, an applicant and family members must show that they meet the basic eligibility criteria regarding age, income and citizenship status.  Family members must also meet the suitability requirements which consists of background information related to previous tenancies, debts, and criminal history.  When an applicant satisfies the eligibility and suitability requirements, the applicant may be assisted by MHA according to its waiting list requirements and subject to unit availability. 

Suitability Requirements

1 - Age

In most of the communities, the head of household must be 19 years of age or older (or an emancipated minor) unless married and applying with a spouse who is 19 years or older.

2 - Income Requirements

Family’s total, gross annual income cannot exceed HUD-established income limits for participation in the Affordable Housing Program. Income includes all "countable" income anticipated for the coming year.  Some examples of  income HUD uses to calculate gross annual income include, wages, unemployment benefits, workmen’s compensation, Social Security, Pensions, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF), regular contributions from family or friends, child support payments, etc.

Income Limits

Generally, MHA may serve families that fall at or below the income limits for a Low Income family.  HUD says that a Low Income family is one that has income which is at 80% or less than the Area Median Income for all households in Mobile County, Alabama.  The income limits are different depending on how many family members are in the family.  The income limits are recalculated by HUD each year and may change.  

FY 2024 Income Limits Summary

(Chart taken from

FY 2024 Income
Limit Area
FY 2024 Income Limit Category Persons in Family
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Mobile, AL
HUD Metro
FMR Area
$78,100 Very Low (50%) Income Limits ($)
(More info)
26,600 30,400 34,200 38,000 41,050 44,100 47,100 50,200
Extremely Low Income Limits ($)*
(More info)
16,000 20,440 25,820 31,200 36,580 41,960 47,100* 50,200*
Low (80%) Income Limits ($)
(More info)
42,600 48,650 54,750 60,800 65,700 70,550 75,400 80,300

NOTE: Mobile County is part of the Mobile, AL HUD Metro FMR Area, so all information presented here applies to all of the Mobile, AL HUD Metro FMR Area. HUD generally uses the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) area definitions in the calculation of income limit program parameters. However, to ensure that program parameters do not vary significantly due to area definition changes, HUD has used custom geographic definitions for the Mobile, AL HUD Metro FMR Area.

How to Apply for Affordable Housing

The pre-application can be submitted online! Apply ONLINE Now!

Please visit the Property Manager's Office for additional information. Click here for the Affordable Housing locations and contact information.

When you apply online you are placed on the housing development's waiting lists  Each development has its own waiting list. The waiting list at one site may be longer than the list at another site.

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