Community & Family Supportive Services

Mobile Housing Authority ("MHA") offers a wide variety of Programs and Services designed to assist families enjoy their stay at the communities and to obtain valuable lifestyle and economic independence skills, attitudes and abilities.  Most of the Programs are coordinated and administered through MHA's offices of Community & Family Empowerment Program ("CAFÉ") and Community Services Program.  All of the Programs seek to focus on Affordable Housing and Housing Choice families and use a methodology that links participating individuals and families with MHA, public and/or private resources to assist families achieve their lifestyle and economic self-sufficiency goals.

Community & Family Empowerment is located at 1655 Eagle Drive - in the Clinton L. Johnson Center for Economic Development.

Community & Family Empowerment Administered Programs:



The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is designed to help residents who are Public Housing Residents or  Section 8 Participants to move toward economic independence. Any resident, whether employed or unemployed, who wants to improve his or her economic and living situation is encouraged to apply.

If you are accepted into the Family Self-Sufficiency Program, an escrow account will be established in your name. Monthly deposits are credited to the account. When your rent goes up as a result of increases in your earned income, withdrawls from the account are available to help you accomplish your goals. Once you complete the program, you receive your escrow account balance. You have up to five (5) years to complete your goals after entering the program.

Working together with your career counselor can help you accomplish your goals. You can have your dreams. The time is now. For more information, Public Housing Residents and Housing Choice Participants should call  their Resident Services Advisors at the following main phone number: (251)434-2229



The Senior Wellness Program promotes, good health, independence and an excellent quality of life for our senior residents.

The program provides the following activities: 

  • Case management
  • Transportation
  • Recreational activities
  • Wellness programs
  • Employment opportunities
  • Meal services
  • Computer access

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