HCVP Interim Change

Interim Change Form

Instructions for Completing This Form - READ CAREFULLY

  1. Completing the Interim Change Form is required in detail. (ALL BLANKS MUST BE COMPLETED TO BE PROCESSED). NOTE: BEFORE this can be accepted, YOU MUST provide verifications.
  2. If verifications are not received within 30 days from the date of this application - the change will be void. A new application must be submitted.
  3. ALL VERIFICATIONS MUST BE ON LETTERHEAD OR COMPANY GENERATED. (check stubs are company generated verifications.)
  4. Attach the following information to the Interim Change Form if it applies to you: 2 recent consecutive check stubs for new job or change in hours at current job, TANF or Food Stamp award letter, Child Support printout, SSI/SS verification of income, Unemployment award letter or printout of amount (include PIN # for access online). For family assistance & childcare, provide a written verification from the person stating the amount of the financial assistance. If reporting no longer receiving income or assistance, you must provide written proof from whoever used to provide the assistance.
  5. If you are reporting the birth, custody or adoption of a child – A copy of the actual birth certificate, social security card, and custody or adoption paperwork must be attached. (Birth cards/ form request for social security card will not be accepted.)
  6. If now married, you will need to supply a copy of the spouse’s birth certificate, social security card, marriage license, 2 recent consecutive check stubs or a letter of verification from the employer indicating their earnings. Before spouse can be added to the lease a police screening will need to be done. You will receive an appointment for spouse to come into the office.

The effective date of the change is based on the date documents received.


Thank you,

Mobile Housing Board Housing Choice Voucher Program

May 2019 Revised CSR Instructions

RentCafe Registration and
Interim Change Form Process

1. Visit the MHB RentCafe Portal (green link below) and select "Resident Login".

2. Select "Click Here To Register".

(If you already registered and have a username/password, skip to Step 5).

3. Contact your caseworker or call the HCV main office at 251-434-2300 to receive your registration code.

4. Complete your personal information.


Your username will be your personal email address (NOT your mobilehousingchoice.org address). 

5. Select "REPORT A CHANGE" from the main menu to ACCESS THE INTERIM CHANGE FORM.

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