Neighborhood Draft Plans Available for Review

Mobile Housing Board received two (2) Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant awards from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in January 2015. Draft Plans for the Roger Williams Homes/Three Mile Trace Choice Neighborhood and the Thomas James Place/Southside Choice Neighborhoods are available at the links below for the public’s review and input.

Roger WIlliams Homes / Three Mile Trace Redevelopment Plan, DRAFT submitted November 2016
Southside Neithborhoods - Resurgence of a Legacy: Southside Rising, DRAFT submitted November 2016

More information about the planning process is available at and

The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative is designed to take distressed neighborhoods and transform them by building upon their assets. A Choice Neighborhoods transformation must include three components: Housing, People and Neighborhoods. Ideally, Choice Housing is mixed-income, energy efficient, architecturally and aesthetically appealing, and financially sustainable. People in Choice Neighborhoods have the supportive services they need and they have access to quality schools, job opportunities, and health care facilities within the context of safe inclusive communities. Choice Neighborhoods are attractive mixed-income areas that include quality schools and early learning centers, as well as access to employment and good transportation systems. Mobile Housing Board is grateful for the input it received from the many MHB residents, residents of the broader communities, and community partners who participated in the two-year planning process.

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